NAFFCO provides specialized ambulances to meet the requirements of every emergency provider. Our vehicles are ideal for rapid emergency response and for administering basic treatment to patients. If required, our vehicles can be customized for use on rough terrain.

Specialized Ambulances

This is a Customised Specification for NAFFCO Patient Transport on a Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop 4×4.

Our Quality System Procedures, for all processes, conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001 and AS 9100 standards. Our Quality Management System is certified by DQS-UL.


Light Bar One LED Light-Bar on cabin roof (Red/Blue)
PA System Electronic Siren with PA Amplifier (100 W) with Speakers (100W)
Internal Lights Internal Roof Lights, 12 V, LED, White Light, CE Approved, IP67
Loading Light One Loading Light at the rear.
Warning Lights Ten (10) Red Led Warning lights all around the ambulance -3 at each side 2 at the rear top and 2 at the grills
Map Reading Light One Map Reading Light in the action-area.
Rooftop Ventilator One roof-mounted 12 V electric Ventilator Fan for suction/blowing function.
Power Outlets Two 12 V Sockets in the action-area.
Two Double Sockets of 220 V to be fixed inside the patient compartment.
Shoreline Auto-Eject Shoreline weather-proof Outlet Plug (220/240 V) fixed at exterior part of the ambulance.
Inverter 12V DC/220 V AC Inverter 400 Watts
Battery Additional Battery 12V DC 100AH Maintenance free
Battery Charger 2DC 15Amps Battery charger
Control Panels & System All Electrical Controls are arranged into two ergonomically designed Switch Panels located in action-area and driver cabin.


Floor The ambulance Flooring is covered with marine-grade plywood, heavy-duty vinyl anti-slip, anti-static and liquid-proof.
Partition A glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) covered Bulkhead is installed between driver and patient compartment. The Bulkhead is made of plywood-coated with both sides with 3 mm GRP. A sliding window fitted on the Bulkhead.
Squad Bench Squad Bench mounted on right-hand side (RHS) with storage area underneath. Each seat position is fitted with two-point seat-belt for the safety of the crew.
Medical Cabinet Full Length Medical cabinet mounted on the Left hand side made of Intecel Sheets.
Rear Air-Conditioning (A/C) Separate A/C system for the patient compartment & driver’s compartment.
CENTRAL OXYGEN SYSTEM The ambulance is fitted with hospital-type piped Oxygen System, 2×48 ft, 3 Capacity Oxygen Cylinder. The System is piped to one self-standing BS Oxygen Outlet in the action-area.

  • The Outlets are provided with Regulator, Flowmeter, Humidifier, and Mask.
  • One 48 ft, 3 Capacity Spare Cylinder is supplied as a Spare
SUCTION ASPIRATOR The ambulance is equipped with an on-board Aspirator with one 1,000 ml receptacle. An electric Vacuum Pump 12 V driven is mounted under action-area in order to provide vacuum to Aspirator.


  • 1 X Automatic Loading Stretcher (Shield Medica)
  • 1 X Folding Stretcher (Shield Medica)
  • 1 X First Aid Kit & more


Two ABC dry chemical powder (DCP) minimum 2 kg (5 lb) unit, in a quick-release bracket. One mounted in the driver/cab compartment or in the body reachable from outside the vehicle, one in the patient compartment.


Body Colour
Main Body – OEM (White)


Ambulance Decal includes the following:

  • ‘Ambulance’ in rear
  • Reverse Ambulance on the front bonnet
  • Red Stripe on both sides
  • Red Crescent logos will be provided


In addition to our standard essential list of accessories, we further recommend the following list of options which will help you meet your specific requirement.

Main Stretcher
Folding Stretcher (2 Fold)
Spine Board
First Aid Kit
Full-length medical cabinet (white color)
Squad bench
Half Length Medical Cabinet
GRP Partition – glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)
Flooring is covered with marine-grade plywood
Separate A/C system for the patient compartment
LED type lights, 12 V, White, CE Approved, AP67 fixed on ceiling in passenger compartment.
Intravenous (IV) feeding holder
Roof-mounted 12 V electric ventilator
Grab rail
Stainless steel Grab bar Fixed on rear door entry
Central Oxygen System with quick disconnect couplings fitted with 2 Nos 48 ft3 capacity oxygen cylinders with regulator, socket and flow valve (CE certified)
Portable Oxygen System ( 1 X 48CFT)
1 No: D size, portable oxygen therapy inhaler kit with regulator, socket and flow valve (CE Certified)
Suction Unit: Eqipped with an on-board Aspirator with 1000 ml receptacle. An electric Vaccum pump 12 V driven is mounted under action-area in order to provide Vaccum to
Frosted Glass 2/3 on rear and sides
Two ABC dry chemical powder (DCP) minimum 2 kg (5 lb) unit
LED Patient lamp 12 V LED, flexible type: 1 No (Map light)
Sharps Disposal
Shoreline Weather proof Outlet plug (220 / 240 V )
Outside working lamp to be fixed at the rear proof
02 x LED Lights to be fixed inside front grille of ambulance
Multi-flashing LED light bar in Red or (Red & Blue)
02 x Flashing LED light Red color fixed on the rear roof side of ambulance
06 x Flashing LED light fixed on ambulance roof (3 on left hand side and 3 on
right hand side) Inverter system (220V or 110V depending on country of use) which includes: additional battery, battery charger, inverter 300W
Sign writing and marking
Client LOGO
Automated External Defibrillator ( Zoll AED Plus )
Portable Ventilator ( Weinmann Easy CPR )
Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer with Stethoscope ( Riester )
Laryngoscope Set – Mcintosh ( GIMA 34303 )
Laryngoscope Set – Miller ( GIMA 34305 )
Thermometer ( TB100 )
Handheld Pulse Oximeter ( Adult, Paediatric, Neonate ) ( Shield Medica )