NAFFCO manufactures mobile medical units that help save lives in areas where help is limited especially in far remote areas. These mobile medical units are equipped with necessary equipment for fast response.

Mobile medical clinics help save lives in areas where help is limited. At NAFFCO, we provide mobile clinics, extendable mobile hospitals, mobile field hospital and mobile medical solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

A mobile medical clinic is vital in medical emergencies in remote areas. NAFFCO supplies mobile medical vehicles which are equipped with the necessary medical equipment and will enable your team to provide a fast response.

Mobile Blood
Collection Unit

Dental Clinic

OPD Clinic

Mobile Digital Mammography

ICU Solutions

Laboratory Unit


Pharmacy Unit

Surgery Trailer

X-Ray Unit

NAFFCO mobile units are the most beneficial – qualitatively, technically and economically. NAFFCO Mobile Units designed to operate in tropical zone at high temperature, salt laden and high humidity atmosphere. It is also designed to provide ease of operation, safety, reliability and accessibility for repair and maintenance.

The Non-Extendable Mobile Medical Unit is similar to trucks. This unit can be customized as per client’s requirement. The flexi design of mobile clinic on truck or trailer chassis are built & equipped to serve various clinic applications as follows : X-ray diagnostic application , Mother & child clinic , Typical clinic for GP & PHCC , Mammography Unit , Blood Donation , Dental, Laboratory , Surgery/ ICU , Physiotherapy or any other specialized area in a hospital ( Cardiac, Diabetic, Pharmacy etc).

Units can come with built – in generators, air conditioning, heating system, water supply, work counters,cabinets, and a full array of medical equipment.

Unique features of the construction concept:

  • Free of charge Warranty on the sandwich construction of minimum 5 years
  • Long term protection of your sensitive medical equipment
  • Economic life time of the trailer unit > 15 years, with considerable rest value
  • Overall lowest cost performance by far.

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