We manufacture and supply service vehicles such as signage service, lighting vehicles, mobile trucks, and lube trucks among others. Each unit is particularly designed for the purpose and takes in consideration the special requirements of the customer.


Rescue vehicles always work under very high risk. With our LED Variable Message Signs mounted on the vehicles we provide additional safety because the vehicles are visible from a long distance and this will increase safety level at hazard areas. We offer a wide product range of variable messages signs and our systems allow to guide traffic, transmit traffic information and avoid traffic jam. With complete kit, with Laptop and complete set of programmable software..


Carries a metal halide/LED lamps that are powered by the on board generator. By lighting up the emergency scene it enables firefighting and rescue operations at night.And, the on board generator mounted on the vehicle turns this vehicle into an emergency power source during power failures, long-term lighting solutions for emergency response and utility vehicles.


Engine-pump trailers are ideally suited for supplying firefighting water to industrial and refinery plants – especially in harbour areas. With a special monitor equipped with in-line educator for mixing the foam directly with the running water, the hoses are stored on the trailer, protected from the sun and other environmental influences.


Special robust design, practical and lightweight with the Storage Cabinets and Side Access for the equipments, the vehicle is ready to be furnished with all necessary tools required to carry out in the field, with a modular systems used in our designs, we “Know-How” to modify all types of vehicle to a mobile workshop and match the work or transporting environment you needs.